APC is the world renown brand in the UPS industry and it has been taken over by Schneider Electric.



The most extensively installed in APC UPS. Have good life span and performance. Manufacture by Hitachi Chemical Energy Technology Co. Ltd.


The most popular brand in corporate sector especially in Servers. The highest demanding models are Optiplex and Latitude.



Eaton is the manufacturer of electrical and electronic goods and it’s component along with vertical diversification in the product line.



Manufacturer of automotive and Storage batteries in Pakistan. The Exide offers six months warranty of their flooded deep cycle battery. That is especially design for domestic UPS.



GREENPOWER is famous for its excellent quality in power solution products. The products include UPS, Stabilizer, Transformers, Surge protectors, etc.



HP is famed for its innovation in computing and printing devices. Their computers and printers are very popular around the word.



Manufacturer of renewable energy products especially designed product for water irrigation system with prolong life.



Lenovo offers the competitive price range products with additional feature than other brand in the industry. The consumer and commercial series of IBM

has fully owned by Lenovo except IBM’s Mainframe Computer manufacturing department and next level technology revolution products and service is still own by IBM.



The popular in mid price range category of batteries. Widely use by many equipment manufactures of China. Eaton also recognize as One Eaton Supplier.



Osaka is the manufacturer of the Automotive and storage battery in Pakistan. Tall tubular is the most famous and have very excellent performance on Solar and Home Inverter.