The IT and Power Company.

The inception of a company starts with an image. In marketing jargon, an image is a logo that gives a perception about a company and an appropriate representation of the same represents the future of the company. The story behind our logo, titled ‘Rehmat’ resumes with the Arabic calligraphy word, which is in use for 10 years. Now we have reinvented our logo to a fresh entrepreneurial look. The new logo is written as “RE” Where “R” has been shown in solid text form to let the people develop the trust in the company name “REHMAT” as we are faithful, trustworthy, stable, and committed people.

The second letter “E” is in abstract form to grab the attention of the readers and generate curiosity about the logo upon first glance. Keeping ‘E’ as an abstract indicates as Entrepreneur of Enterprise. As an Enterprise firm company is always looking forward to grabbing opportunities of executing business by taking risks, implying creativity and innovativeness taking into consideration ethical business practices at every stage by exploiting opportunities.

The new logo embellished in colour blue symbolises trust, dependability, strength, smartness, peace, nature, stability, power, masculinity, and tranquillity. Orange is derived upon combining the energy of Red and happiness of Yellow colour. It is associated with cheerfulness and confidence, youthfulness, distinctiveness, enthusiasm, stimulating, progressive, and creativity. So, we took the risk of transforming it with our creative and hardworking zeal to avail the benefits of yellow.

The electrical bolt and the circles are the components of the industry in which we are mainly focusing on. The bolt is the symbol of power and the power is used everywhere. The two circles are the nodes of communication and circuits thru-hole that connects components on the PCB. So, we are dealing in sectors of power and IT products and solutions. This industry is characterized by rapid revolutionary technological changes and technological obsolescence remains a challenge. We work with the dynamic and creative production team and we have the expertise to cope with the market volatility.