Our Vision:

To be a leading importer and exporter providing high-quality electrical & electronics, computing and textile goods.

Our Mission:

Continuously providing quality goods to consumers at their bargain prices.

REHMAT ENTERPRISE has been established with the word REHMAT which means ‘Blessing’ and our company seeks the blessings of Almighty Allah in every stage of the business. The second word, ENTERPRISE classified as Enterprise form of a firm is always looking forward to grabbing the opportunity of running a business by taking risks, implying creativity and innovation by considering code of business ethics at every step of opportunity utilization. The company started with the import and sale of Power solution products from 1st January 2011 and gradually added the local market supplies of Power and IT products; catering to the demand of our customers.

Additionally, the company also supplies customized and specific products as per the request of their customers. To meet the demand of local supplies for their customers; the RE has achieved many dealerships and developed a mutual agreement with international manufacturers, local importers, distributors, and manufacturers for the marketing of their products and services. Our staff always suggest the right product and the right brand to our customers to fulfil their requirements.

The company is currently focusing on the Energy sector comprising power generation and solution, and IT products include laptops, computers, servers, IT Racks, IT power distribution, network devices and willing to provide those electrical products that enable in solving the current electrical problem and its shortage in Pakistan.

Rehmat Enterprise is continuously looking for other opportunities to grow its business as the company itself is categorised as an Entrepreneur. Looking for the export of raw food ingredients such as rice and spices. Launching of the E-Commerce website on B2C basis to capture the growing opportunity of online business of electrical, electronics and IT Products. Establishing of manufacturing plant for textile knitting to cater foreign demand of Pakistani textile.


Our company is the authorized Dealer of DELL, HP, Lenovo, GREENPOWER, APC, JNTECH. The brands we deal in are Perkins, Stamford, Meccalte, Dinstar, Microsoft, Longse, Richcomm, Cisco, Eaton, Long, FIAMM, Leoch, etc.